Fashion Designing: Setting Your Priority Straight

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I'm a fashion designer, as an addition to my Whitecolar jobs. If you check my gallery, you will see some of my stuff.

In this article, I will share some rules to follow as to set your priority straight. 

You can properly maintain your set priority by embracing the 80/20 rule.

If you want to be distracted, it's wise to only accept 20% distraction so as to maintain 80% focus. If you want to work on your weaknesses, give it 20% so as to invest 80% of your time on building your strength.

Spend your 20% on what you have lost, on what you are reviving, on what are gathering, on what is fiction, on what you is discouraging, on what is enslaving, on who you are trying to convince, on what is gossip.

Spend your 80% on what you already have, on what you thriving, on what are giving, on what is nonfiction, on what you is encouraging, on what enables freedom, on who you have already convinced, on what is educating.

As aforementioned, I'm a fashion designer and if you have doubt; feel free to ((click my click gallery))

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